Living Room Lighting: How to Light the Most Important Room in Your Home for Photos

Living Room Lighting: How to Light the Most Important Room in Your Home for Photos

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If you’ve ever worked in a real estate or even shopped for a rental online, you know how important it is to have great photos. Photography gives you an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Good photos also help give potential tenants/buyers an idea of what the home is capable of looking like. This is why staged photos are a great tool for advertising your home. Potential buyers/tenants are able to imagine themselves living in the space. This can’t be said about photos of an empty home. Why would you want to fantasize about living in a fluorescent-lit box?


The importance of living room photos

The living room is truly the heart of the home. Hence the name, most “living” does occur in this space. The living room is where guests bond with hosts, stories are told, wine is spilled, and Netflix shows are binged. This is also usually the first room that a guest enters, so it sets the tone for the rest of the home. It is extremely important that you document this area of the house, and that it is done the right way. Living room lighting should make the space appear open and inviting. These are the qualities that will encourage your audience to want to live in it. The living room also tends to be the most spacious in your home. A large amount of space can be staged in a variety of ways to appeal to your audience. Bright colors on stark white backgrounds tend to evoke interest and joy. Knickknacks arranged in groupings of 3, 5, and 7 appeal to the eye more than even-numbered groupings. You can also add plants to add life to your space, or use smaller furniture to make the space appear even larger.


Living room lighting

When staging home for photos, many owners focus primarily on furniture, paint colors, and arrangements. It is easy to completely forget about the importance of lighting. Lighting is the most important part of photographing a home. Lighting creates ambiance and intimacy. Correctly manipulating the lighting in a home allows the photographer to create the exact mood that is right for the space. The biggest thing to remember when lighting your living room is to layer your lighting. This means setting different lighting sources at different heights. This creates a smooth and seamless feel to your space. If you have a certain element of your room that you’d like your guests to notice immediately, such as a fireplace or art piece, try accent lights pointed directly at that space. This accent light needs to provide at least five times the amount of light produced in the rest of the room.

When it comes to overhead lighting, it is best to use as much natural light as possible. If your living room tends to receive a lot of natural light, you probably won’t need any overhead lighting fixtures at all. Since you are setting up the lighting for photographs, you don’t need to worry about TV glares from open window blinds. It is best to take your photos from waist-level to avoid any warping from low or high perspectives. When staging, it is incredibly important to not forget about light. Living room lighting allows you to control the feeling of comfort in the room, and when your guests feel comfortable in your space, they will want to stay there forever.

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