Why You Should 3D Scan Your Property

Why You Should 3D Scan Your Property

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Have you always wanted your property to stand out from the rest of the real estate photos out there? While beautiful images can absolutely help in marketing your property, they may not be enough to really set you apart from the competition. When you want your home or commercial building to make an impact, consider having it 3D scanned.

The evolution of 3D scanning has made great strides through the recent years. While existing in the same realm of “revolutionary” as 3D printing, 3D scans allow for digital marketing possibilities like never before. The technology continues to grow and change every day. This allows for more opportunities to market your space. 3D scanning is defined as using a combination of software and hardware to analyze a real-world environment, collect data, and convert it into a digital model. The model is then edited to ensure a smooth and complete finished product. Objects, environments, homes, and commercial buildings can all be 3D scanned. While there are different benefits to each of these scans, real estate has seen true advantages.

The Always-Open House

Buyers usually want to see a property before purchasing it. However, sometimes it isn’t possible to view the property, especially for buyers who aren’t local. Weather may not permit a viewing. An agent or buyer may be unavailable due to scheduling conflicts. These buyers may move in “sight unseen,” not the best situation for the buyer or seller. With 3D scanning, buyers can look around the house just like they could if they were there. Non-local buyers don’t have to take the time money to travel to the location to find their perfect home or building.

This state-of-the-art technology will likely take over the way properties are bought and sold in the future. Photo galleries, 360-degree panoramas, and fly-through videos lack the real-life feel that homebuyers and sellers crave. A 3D experience immerses visitors so that they can create an emotional connection to the space, like they would if they were really in it. Agents attract more motivated, more qualified homebuyers by providing a 24/7 open house always ready for showings.

Build Your Brand

Gain a reputation as a tech-forward agent by offering immersive virtual experiences that sellers and buyers will demand. Scanning your property gives your customer an engaging immersive experience. It allows your customer to stop, look around, and understand how the space feels as if they were really there. 3D scans are a powerful sales tool for agents and brokers to reach audiences in a way never before possible, creating a lasting impression on your clients. People will remember you when it comes time to buy or sell.

Comparisons Made Easy

Many buyers weigh different options at the same time when shopping for property. Buying a home is a huge financial investment. Buyers should keep their options open to ensure they’re getting the right price. In order to make the most educated decision, a buyer needs to compare every aspect of the properties. This is where the 3D scan comes in. A buyer may be more likely to choose a home that they can connect with by using more than just photos. And when comparing 2 properties with 3D scans, the buyer can compare even the tiniest details of their future home.

There is a bright future ahead for 3D scanning in real estate. With increasing adaptation of technology, the real estate sector will see immense change in the way properties are bought and sold in the future. CDA3D offers the most current equipment to ensure that you stand out from the competition while keeping up with the newest developments in technology. Allow us to help develop an experience for your customers that they are sure to remember.

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