Do I Need To Stage My House?

Do I Need To Stage My House?

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It seems like there’s hundreds of steps to take before selling your property. Hiring an agent, replacing the carpet, painting the walls… it can be very overwhelming. One of the last steps you’ll need to take in selling your home involves staging. But does staging really help a house sell? Well, there are benefits and drawbacks to both sides. Before making a decision, let’s start by exploring what a staging company does, and why it’s a huge business.

What is staging?

If you’ve been to an open house before, you’ve probably seen a staged home. A home that has been staged will appear completely perfect, with practically no signs of living actually happening in the space. Everything is placed just so, with perfect spacing and color coordination. This is done to make the home more appealing to a potential buyer. A professional staging company provides all furniture, decorations, and appliances necessary to give the illusion of an ideal lifestyle. The company may choose a theme, mood, or “look” that they want to achieve. This may be unique to your home. Both buyers and sellers tend to prefer a staged home over an empty one. Staging allows buyers to better imagine how the home will look when it is occupied with their own furniture. Usually, it’s easier to envision yourself in a well-decorated room than an empty one. Because of this, staging has become increasingly popular all over the country.

How do I decide?

First, the seller must analyze the current market. If the market is hot enough, staging won’t make a difference in whether your house sells or not. However, in a buyer’s market, this extra step may help put you over the top and set you apart from the competition to snag a buyer. It is also important to know your home. If you live in a beautiful house with great architecture, staging probably isn’t necessary.

Advantages of staging

A seller may have an advantage selling a staged home. Buyers will walk into your home and see a beautifully livable space and imagine themselves living there. The more they can see themselves in a home, the more likely they are to seriously consider buying it. Another benefit of staging is that it can make listing pictures look more appealing. Your listing photos are the first impression that a potential buyer gets of your home. Of course, you want these photos to capture them immediately. Photos of a staged home will accomplish this. Great real estate photos help sell your home more than anything else you do. Another benefit of staging is that it allows you to show the beauty and usefulness of rooms that are small or strangely shaped. By properly staging an unusual space, a buyer will see that it has value.


There are two main disadvantages when it comes to staging a home: time and money. Staging companies may take weeks to finish the entire process. The removal of the stager’s items also takes more time than you may think. There are some buyers who feel that staged homes look generic and boring. These are the buyers who may prefer an empty home. Showing an empty house also shows buyers that you are fully moved out – a great sign for a rushed buyer. Hiring a specialized company also costs money, up to several thousand dollars depending on how much needs to be provided. This money may be better used somewhere else – like repairing bad siding or throwing a fresh coat of paint on your walls.

Overall, all sellers should know that staging is not necessary to sell your home. A great real estate agent will help lead you in the right direction. Your agent should be able to sell your home staged or non-staged with no problem. If your home could benefit from the help of a staging company, your agent will let you know. Once you decide to stage or not to stage, CDA3D can help with the next step – professional photography! After all, why stage a home if nobody is going to see it?

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