Virtual Floor Plans

The Future of Floor Plans

For years it has been impossible to get accurate home measurements without massive amounts of effort. Taking “ye olde measuring tape,” and calling it good never really cut it. Paying a professional…no one can afford one. The only way to measure a home or retail space involved some degree of guesswork.

Seemingly a problem without a simple solution. The worst kind of problem.

Until Now

Introducing Schematic Floor Plans by CDA3D



Hired us to do a 3D Scan? With no secondary scans we can create a schematic for you! Complete your portfolio, wow your sellers, or show guests the sizes of rooms. Offer your clients an entire virtual portfolio. The applications are practically endless.



Set your self apart from the crowd. Present your clients with an entire electronic profile of their home. Define your style by going the extra mile. Blow buyers minds. CDA3D is about getting you on the cutting edge, and our schematics will help impress your clientele.